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Chakra Bracelet - Heat Vest

Chakra Bracelet

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  • Flexible fit

  • Unfadeable color

  • A perfect gift for your loved ones

  • Waterproof

Package Includes: 1 Box

The healing powers of stone crystals subtly

absorbs all the negative energy

The 7 Chakra Bracelet Crystals

  • Red Jasper (Red) for Root: You will feel more connected to the earth and experience a sense of accomplishment.

  • Carnelian (Orange) for Sacral: Provides you with a sense of identity.

  • Calcite (yellow) for Solar Plexus: Provides you with wisdom and confidence.

  • Aventurine (Green) for Heart: Provides you with compassion.

  • Blue Agate (Blue) for Throat: Provides you with kindness and inspiration.

  • Lapis (indigo) for Third-Eye: Helps you rely on your intuition.

  • Amethyst (violet) for Crown: Connects you with universal energy.

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